Decorative Accents

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Discover Unique Moroccan Decor Accents

Our Decorative Accents collection brings together a curated selection of handcrafted treasures and decorative accessories, allowing you to add a touch of Moroccan charm and artisanal flair to your décor.

Artisan-Made Wonders

If you’re a home decor enthusiast and art lover, our eclectic range of Moroccan Decor Accents features curiosities, antique works of art, and unique, authentic home accessories. Every piece is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans using time-honored techniques. From woven animal sculptures to intricately engraved wooden bowls, each item reflects the passion and dedication of its maker.

Global Flair Meets Boho Chic

Moroccan design blends harmoniously traditional decor elements with inspirations from cultures across the globe. Our selection of decorative accents celebrates eclectism, the mix-and-match, and loves all things handmade—all these points evoke free-spirited Bohemian and global styles.

A Curated Selection of Handcrafted Excellence

Our collection is a celebration of diversity and creativity. At Latitude 31n, we take pride in offering only the finest handcrafted décor accents. Nathalie, our founder, takes time to meticulously select products that prioritize quality, authenticity, and ethical sourcing.

Explore Our Collection Today

Unexpected, antique pieces with a unique and special history will enable you to create a decorative universe that you won’t find anywhere else. Feel free to display our hand-painted pottery on your shelves or table. Turn our wooden mortars into vases or utensil pots in the kitchen. Entertain your children with our tall animal sculptures.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the world of artisan-made décor, our Decorative Accents collection has something to enchant every enthusiast. Browse our selection now and add a touch of Moroccan magic to your home.

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