The Partners

Moroccan craftsmen and craftswomen

Latitude 31n would not be what it is without all these people talented Moroccan artisans. They are always ready to try new techniques, opening their minds to modernity and contemporary designs. 

Thanks to them, I can propose all these wonders that Morocco offers you.

Parcel preparation Latitude 31n

Khadija helps me with the packing. She also loves DIY and helps me clean and restore old stuff that I found in the Moroccan flea markets.
Khadija takes care of her family. She raises her sick brother’s children as her own.
She is the only person who works with me every day. A woman’s business 🙂

Said basket maker and trader in Morocco

SaĂŻd is a craftsman trader from Essaouira’s countryside.
He lives and works in a farmhouse with his wife and two little children.
He comes regularly to Marrakesh with his truck and delivers his customers

Artisan making a leather sewing on a woven purse

Above, Mustapha, focused on sewing the leather border of a light palm pouch. On the right, Abdel is sewing strips of woven doum to form a straw mat.

Moroccan basket maker

I am working with several artisans from Marrakesh and Essaouira, a two-hour coastal town from Marrakesh.

Basketry is a traditional Moroccan craft that has become extremely diversified over the last decade in Morocco.  Artisans, men and women, make little marvels that are easy to integrate into our contemporary worlds and that bring a natural and authentic touch.
Moroccan artisans work with very different materials: doum and palm leaves locally picked or imported wicker, rattan, raffia.

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