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At Latitude 31n, we don’t design home decor without incorporating handcrafted or antique objects. Indeed, craftsmanship emphasizes the inherent beauty of the material. It takes nature as a source of inspiration and praises the value of simplicity and utility. These are essential elements for creating a unique and responsible decorating space. For its part, the old brings us the charm and authenticity of history.

Eclectic Moroccan Home Decor

Do you have a free-spirited boho mind? Do you like natural vibes? Is your home decorated in a minimalist style, or are you interested in ethnic culture? Are you a fan of bright colors, or do you go for unique and vintage pieces? Whatever your decorating style is, you will be amazed by our handcrafted Moroccan Home furnishings and accessories.

You will find in our shop all you need to create your universe and make your decoration original and cozy. The Moroccan craft industry abounds in unique and natural goods you could easily integrate into contemporary houses. Our thoughtful selection of items helps you personalize your interior to reflect you.

Curated Moroccan Products for Your Home Decor

Ethnic ornaments are represented mainly by the Tuareg tent pegs turned into sculptures, the old wooden dishes for fruits or souvenirs, or the hooks made from vintage wool combs.

Nature lovers will love the funny woven sculptures, like the horse, or decorative woven accessories, like the tall vase. All are made from doum, an organic Mediterranean palm plant.

We bet you’ll fall in love with these modern oriental homewares that bring texture and substance to your home without forgetting the authentic feel for creating warm and personalized decor.

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