Woven Wicker Lamps & Rattan Chandeliers

Get inspired by our handwoven pendant lights and add interest and relaxed vibes to your interior. Our Moroccan rattan chandeliers and wicker lamps beautifully blend organic, traditional braiding, and beachy boho design.

Light is a fundamental aspect of interior design. Playing with lights creates depth and height, cozy spots, and highlights your most impressive areas. Our collection of handwoven pendant lights is made to rebuild texture and create a soft glow throughout the space.

Light Up Your Space with Warmth and Texture

Woven pendant lights offer a timeless and airy aesthetic, creating a relaxing atmosphere in any room. The raw, natural materials like rattan, wicker, and doum grass exude a sense of calm and bring the beauty of nature indoors. Their neutral tones effortlessly create a warm and inviting ambiance, making your space unique and magical.

Beyond Boho: Versatile Lighting for Any Interior

You may think that organic pendant light is only suitable for boho or coastal-inspired design. You will be wrong! One of the most significant advantages of woven lamps is they match many interior styles. They are versatile and add a just amount of nature to a space.

These versatile light fixtures complement various interior styles. They seamlessly blend into rustic farmhouses, coastal beach houses, minimalist Scandinavian apartments, and even industrial-chic spaces.

Bring Welcome Texture to Your Home

From small pendants above your kitchen island to statement-making XXL ceiling lamps, we offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Looking to create a vertical interest? Look no further than our long tube pendants. You can also get creative and compose a light garland with our small conical pendants, as our client did in a London backyard.

Handwoven Lamps from Sustainable Rattan by Local Artisans

Our skilled artisans meticulously craft each lampshade, ensuring exceptional quality and unique beauty. They play with shapes, materials, and weaving techniques. From open-weave ceiling lights to intricately woven chandeliers, you will find a wide range of sustainable natural fiber pendant lights.

Our pendant lights not only add a touch of tropical elegance to your home but also support ethical craftsmanship and eco-conscious living.

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