Floor cushions & Poufs

Handcrafted Comfort for Your Home

If you love the Oriental way of life and the laid-back interior design, our Moroccan poufs and floor cushions are made for you.

Additionally, what better than comfy Moroccan floor cushions to create a cozy place in your home? The large poufs look like small square mattresses and call for a chill-out.

From Worn-Out Rugs to Stunning Poufs

Let’s go back to the gypsy and bohemian period!

Crafted from luxurious Moroccan textiles, including soft wool and vibrant Berber rugs, our poufs, and floor cushions exude both comfort and authenticity. Our floor cushions are made from old and worn-out Moroccan Berber rugs. Our artisans patiently repair holes and frays by hand and give a second life to old faded rugs.

Our Moroccan poufs benefit from the rug’s thick weaving and are solid and resistant. Consequently, you can drag them around and let the kids jump on them without worrying about damaging them.

Experience the joy of lounging on our Moroccan floor cushions, as praised by our customers who have created cozy reading nooks and inviting gathering spaces in their homes.

Versatile Usage for Every Space

Use them to design a snuggly reading area where you can lounge comfortably. The floor cushions are also a great way to provide extra seating without taking up too much space. Furthermore, they can easily be stored under a bed or in a corner.

Also, consider using it as an original coffee table. Put a tray on top to make your floor cushion more stable.

So much for the practicality. But don’t forget the aesthetic aspect.

Find Your Perfect Moroccan Pouf

Moroccan floor pillows are anything but boring. In fact, there are as many different designs as there are styles of Moroccan rugs. Weave styles run from flat piles to shaggy piles.

When it comes to the style of patterns, whether you are a minimalist at heart or you like color combinations, there is always a pouf that suits you. Beni Ourain poufs feature a timeless and elegant design, whereas Boucherouite or Boujaad poufs play with colors and/or pattern profusion.

Transform your living space with the charm and comfort of Moroccan style. Browse our exclusive selection of poufs and floor cushions and bring a touch of exotic elegance to your home today.

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