Animal Heads

Playful Animal Heads Wall Decor

Step into our whimsical world of woven animal heads, where imaginative Moroccan artisans skillfully craft doum palm into delightful creatures that adorn your walls.

Our collection features a menagerie of handcrafted animal head decor, a small zoo where the horse rubs shoulders with the elephant or the bull, the stag spends time with the ram, and the rhinoceros hangs out with the cow. You will even meet the chameleon, and Mummy and baby lizard basking in the sun.

It’s a delightful mishmash that’s sure to put a smile on even the most stoic of faces.

Discover a World of Handcrafted Animal Head Wall Decor

Visit our farm, travel into the jungle, and walk into the forest with our woven animal heads. Our collection of rattan animal heads offers endless possibilities for unique and captivating wall decor.

Find your Perfect Animal Companion:

A large horse sculpture will enjoy horse lovers. It looks like those old rocking horses, except that this one is stable but will amuse the new generation just as much.

Add playfulness to your garden with the presence of a wicker donkey, carrying your favorite plants in its two small baskets.

Be Inspired, Get Creative with our Woven Animals

Let your creativity flourish as you explore the possibilities with our woven wicker animals, and bring joy and wonder to every corner of your home and garden. Or get ideas with the wild imagination of our clients when they display their animal sculptures.

Animal Heads Trophies, but Without The Hunting

What could be more environmentally conscious than wall decorations made of natural materials? Our eco-friendly animal trophies, crafted from rattan, wicker, and sustainable esparto doum fiber, offer a delightful alternative to traditional taxidermy. And the petit plus is the pleasant evocative smell!

Whether you’re decorating a farm-themed child’s bedroom, amusing your nephew with whimsical wall decor, creating a captivating wall of curiosities, or simply adding character and interest to a flat wall, our faux taxidermy animal heads are sure to spark joy and conversation.

Welcome to our small zoo; of eco-conscious decor; we’re confident you’ll find the perfect piece to enhance your space and make you feel good!

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