Animal Heads

Funny Animal Heads Wall Decor

When Moroccan basket makers get tired of making baskets or whatever functional items, they have fun weaving animal heads out of doum, a Mediterranean palm.

And we offer you a real menagerie, a small zoo of animal heads wall decor. Here, the horse rubs shoulders with the elephant or the bull, the stag spends time with the ram, and the rhinoceros hangs out with the cow. You will even meet the chameleon, and Mummy, and baby lizard basking in the sun.

Woven Wicker Animals of All Kinds

They make the little ones happy and amaze the enthusiastic ones. Visit the farm, travel into the jungle, and walk into the forest with our woven animal heads.

A large horse sculpture will enjoy horse lovers. It looks like those old rocking horses, except that this one is stable but will amuse the new generation just as much.

Trophies, but Without The Hunting

What could be more eco-friendly than wall decorations made of natural materials? Like rattan or wicker, the esparto fiber has a pleasant evocative smell.

Whether it’s for decorating a farm-themed child’s bedroom, amusing your nephew, creating a wall of curiosities, or bringing character and interest to a flat wall, these wall decorations will leave no one indifferent.

Welcome to our small zoo; I’m sure you will find one who makes you smile or feel good!

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