Wicker Cactus

Our free-standing cacti are handcrafted in Morocco. Our skilled artisans made them with great love from doum, a natural palm fiber similar to rattan or wicker.

The woven cactus is a perfect statement piece that will keep the look relaxed and add shape and texture to your place. In addition, its vertical line creates a focal point.

How to Decorate with our Rattan Cactus?

We bring spice and humor with these faux cactus that we dress up with colorful accessories such as fabric flowers or a light garland. They also make original and quirky Christmas tree. Or, on the contrary, we imagine ourselves in a western and bring a Mexican desert vibe by adding a woven buffalo head for fun.

With their thick weave and warm colors, the cactus sculptures easily match the ethnic home decor or items from years gone by. But also with bold black-and-white motifs or primitive patterns.

Our Moroccan woven cacti mix well with vintage pieces and accentuate Wild West decor. So, add some patina leather armchairs, some rattan or wicker details, and a geometric patterned rug; you’ve got it all.

The Natural Faux Cactus Plant

Alternatively, integrate your woven sculpture with real cacti or in the middle of succulents. And you create a great contrast in your indoor or outdoor garden.

The decorative sculptures infuse rawness and a nomadic rustic feel thanks to their earthy materials and colors.

One thing is for sure; the cactus is trendy. So choose yours.

And as Jacques Dutronc, the French singer, said: “The whole world is a cactus”!

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