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Your Questions about our Moroccan Shop

Feel free to contact me.

I am Nathalie, a real human person. I like human relations, even when they are far away.

Welcome 🙂

Feel free to contact me; I will inform you about the possibilities of restocking.

It depends on the item. Contact me to have more information; I will tell you it’s possible to make a new one or not.

Morocco is a fabulous country where you can do (almost) anything. But that’s sometimes difficult to get exactly what you ordered or it takes a loooong time to get it. So that’s not always easy.

If you order a personalized item, I will send you pictures before shipping to validate.

The direct payment method is provided by Paypal. The company L31 SARL AU does not receive any information about your details, credit card number, or other confidential banking information. No banking information is stored on our site.

In addition, we have an SSL certificate that guarantees the encryption of payment pages and the confidentiality of your data.

Payments are made through the secure service Paypal. That is not necessary to have a Paypal account; you can pay with your bank card.

Paypal also guarantees purchase protection, fraud protection, and encrypted payment.

It is also possible to pay via bank transfer; please contact me if you need more information.

The system I chose (traditional postal services) offers a relatively long delivery time. Between 5 and 15 working days.
If you need your order quickly, contact me via the contact form or at [email protected]. I will give you a quote for express delivery. It takes between 3 to 7 days (depending on the destination)
More information on the page Shipping & Returns.

If your package has not yet been sent, it is possible to cancel your order. The refund will be made through the previous payment.

The tracking number will be provided in an email confirming the shipment.

I have been sending packages all over the world for 3 years. I have never had a lost package to date (even with the Covid-19 crisis). They sometimes took a long time to arrive or return, but the customer or I received it in the end.

Contact me for a follow-up, a claim with the postal services, or an amicable arrangement if ever the package was lost, stolen, or arrived in bad condition.

You can send the item(s) back to the following address:


345 Al Massar route de Safi

40000 Marrakesh


PLease contact me first and, if possible, give me a tracking number.

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