Vases & Planters

Greenery always helps to brighten a space.

A vibrant bouquet on your dining table will inject colo, while an array of plants in your bathroom will transport you to the jungle. A tall green plant and planter next to the sofa will give your living room an Urban Jungle aesthetic.

Introduce a touch of boho home decor with our collection of woven vases.

The most obvious way to bring a green touch and nature to your décor is live plants. But that’s not all. The incorporation of natural materials is another solution.

Dried flowers or branches can be used to create a delightful palette of soft, neutral hues They’re low-maintenance and add a touch of nature and whimsy to your space. Personally, I favor the minimalist elegance of a branch or two for a clean, graphic look. On the other hand, arranging flowers in a bouquet evokes a retro charm.

Explore our selection of Moroccan woven vases.

Wondering what to use for your nature-inspired bouquets? Our containers come in various materials, from glass and ceramics to pottery. Use the traditional vases or planters designed to hold flowers and branches or get creative by recycling items designed for another purpose.

Woven vases and planters crafted from natural fibers introduce texture and substance to your interiors. With their tropical and boho-chic flair, they effortlessly elevate the ambiance of any room. Additionally, these pieces tastefully align with the Farmhouse decor theme.

Palm leaves, whether refined or rustic, allow us to craft playful or daring shapes: jars, urns, hanging baskets, bottles, or recycled buckets. You might even be intrigued by our woven donkey sculpture. Put plants in his two baskets and you’re sure to make a statement!

Need a custom XL urn-shaped vase? Just let us know.

Bring an artistic flair and nature into your home with our handwoven vases and plant holders.

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