Storage Baskets

We at Latitude 31n are not very fond of plastic boxes and bins. We vastly prefer our imperfect baskets, trunks, and hampers. They are the best for stylish storage.

Consider the Moroccan baskets if you also like the handicraft’s imperfection and the handmade charm. We can easily say that Morocco is the kingdom of the basket. You just have to walk around the Moroccan souks to see this.

There are so many different and fabulous designs that it is difficult to choose a single one.

With our colorful Berber baskets, your small trinkets will find a whimsical storage place. While cushions and kids’ toys will fit in our woven wicker chest, dirty clothes will hide in our airy laundry basket or round wicker basket. Even your cat or dog will love to curl up in our pet baskets.

Berber women embroider belly wicker baskets with wool and create gorgeous lidded baskets with colorful patterns. These Moroccan baskets are easily identifiable and typical of Moroccan Arts & Crafts.

Our woven tray baskets make perfect centerpieces, adding natural handmade hints to your table. They are also highly eye-catching when hung on your walls.

Our baskets are all hand-woven by Moroccan or African artisans.

Moroccan artisans work with doum or light palm leaves, locally sourced natural materials, and imported wicker, raffia, or rattan. They use many ancestral weaving techniques and create typical or modern models we can easily integrate into our interiors. Our selection comes from all over Morocco; each region has its specificities. For example, Marrakech and Essaouira have known for their raw doum basketwork, while in North Morocco, artisans work palm leaves and wicker to make Scandinavian-style baskets.

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