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The Moroccan Woven Basket, a Must-have

Ah, Moroccan baskets, superstars of style and practicality for decades! Morocco is the kingdom of the basket. They’ve been earning their spurs for decades, and are renowned for their timeless, practical designs.

From storage baskets to fashion accessories, there’s something to make everyone happy.

Moroccan and Berber woven baskets come in many shapes and forms. there’s a Moroccan basket for every mood. Picture this: a traditional, practical storage basket for your everyday use, or a vibrant, patterned masterpiece that screams, ‘Kitsch is King!’

One thing’s for sure: Moroccan craftspeople dazzle us with their know-how.

There are 2 families of baskets.  Then, those we rock as handbags or show off at the market.

Storage Baskets

First, the champions of storage: laundry hampers, plant holders, fruit bowls, decorative items – everything you need to keep your home looking its best. You’ll find a wide selection of the best Moroccan woven storage baskets in our Storage Baskets section.

Fashion and Shopping Woven Baskets

Next up, we have the woven baskets that we use as handbags or proudly flaunt at the market. Moroccan baskets are a fashionista’s dream.

Every year, new styles emerge, showcasing the creativity of our skilled craftsmen. Baskets are adorned with embroidery, sequins, pompons, or macramé, while handles are made of rope to respect tradition, or leather for a touch of elegance. Braiding materials and techniques are constantly evolving: in raw doum or refined white palm, in delicate raffia or crocheted rope.

At Latitude 31n, you’ll find woven rattan or wicker baskets carefully selected for their originality and elegance.

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