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Thank you for your feedback. It is an absolute pleasure to receive your appreciation and comments, mainly because I don’t see my clients in person. 

They are also important to my other clients. I own a small business and I am proud of what I did and built. But future clients didn’t know me and your comments and testimonials are really precious to them. Please feel free to share your ideas, inspirations, and thoughts.

Obviously, I always prefer positive reviews 🙂 but I also care about unhappy clients. There can always be some problems, even if I really pay attention to the details to satisfy you and me. So, don’t hesitate to contact me, I will do my best to help you.

And if you love Latitude 31n, say it loud and clear either on Google or the product sheets.

Online Home Decor Store: Testimonials

Extracts: Alina: “I am at loss of words! So beautiful! It was more than I expected!”

Jennifer: “Beautiful craftsmanship and exceeded my expectations. It even smells nice, if that’s possible! It is a lovely piece and I’m so happy to have it in my home. It was packed well for the long journey here”

Kat: “Absolutely beautiful product! Couldn’t believe how quickly it shipped from Morocco to Ottawa, Canada. And lovely shop owner, very pleasant to interact with.”

Tina: “I have given five stars for the store owner and her attention to the sale details and importance of the customer”

Viktoria: “Nathalie was super kind and extremely well organised […]. I can highly recommend to purchase goods with her.

Woven Rattan Lightings: Customer Reviews

Home Decor Pictures and Testimonials

Quotes: Caroline: “Absolutely love these shades. Great customer service and the craftsmanship is more beautiful than I could have anticipated”

Cynthia: “Better than expected!!! Tons of compliments and just the right amount of light for my bedside reading…”

Kim: “I was looking for something special for a beach shack in Australia and I found these amazing light shades…”

Andrea: “These are more substantial than I know so I know it will last for a long time. The “wispy” ends are perfection..”

Wall Animal Heads: Customer Reviews

Home Decor Photos and Comments from our Clients

Extracts: Christine: “Just what I wanted for my gallery wall and I love that it’s from Morocco! […] couldn’t be happier with my purchase.”

Claudia : “The animal heads are gorgeous, the shop owner extremely friendly and helpful, the shipping super-fast: this is a shop you must try!!!”

Cora: “Soooo cute! It’s the perfect addition to my growing gallery wall […] The quality of the little deer is amazing.”

Elizabeth: “We just love this woven grass sculpture.It fits just perfectly over our fireplace. Gets a lot of compliments.”

Jacqueline: “I’m so pleased with the craftsmanship and style of these products.”

Handcrafted Moroccan Home Decor : Reviews

Home Decor Pictures and Appreciations

Quotes: Inge: “I am very happy with my ladder, beautiful color, the wood is smooth, a jewel in my livingroom.”

Michelle: “I love our tassel blanket. The quality is excellent and I love its uniqueness and that I didn’t buy it in a big box store.”

Iratxe: “Lovely basket and perfect to keep my little’s ones toys and bits and pieces.”

Shelby: “This basket is a perfect replacement for the crappy plastic bin I had my son’s toys jammed in the livingroom.

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