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Moroccan Boho Wall Decor

Wall decor is more than paintings or photographs. There are so many ideas to highlight your walls. Pick up some ideas from Moroccan crafts. You won’t be disappointed.

Look into our Woven Mirrors

Moroccan artisans make all kinds of mirrors in various natural materials: raffia, palm doum fibers, palm leaves, wicker, or rattan. You will be amazed by the diversity and creativity of our basket workers.

Their simplicity is versatile enough that mirrors can add the right natural element a space may need. For my part, I am fond of sun mirrors that highlight our walls.

In another field, Moroccan brass workers make unique copper mirrors. They can feature crazy shapes. Display multiple copper mirrors of various sizes on the wall, and create your shiny statement wall.

Rattan Animal Heads, Handwoven with Passion

Besides, the wall-mounted rattan animal heads are an original twist on traditional wall decor. This original wall decoration creates a lively and personalized decor.

We obviously think of children’s bedrooms. But why not also in the living room above the fireplace, the traditional place for the hunting trophy? Or why don’t you play the funny card displaying the faux taxidermy on a jungle wallpaper like this wicker antelope head in a whimsical bathroom?

The animal wall hangings are handwoven from natural-hued seagrass. Their earthy looks work well with a variety of decor styles.

Our wide range of animal heads gives you a choice to compose your menagerie: From farm animals to jungle animals to forest animals.

Compose your Gallery Hat with our Boho Hats

Palm Hats add an exciting and exotic touch to any decor. Hang an oversized hat on your wall, and you’ll be instantly transported to faraway places. Our Moroccan hats keep it simple or pretend to be suns when fringed with raffia or long palm leaves.

Dazzling Patterned Moroccan Wall Baskets

Limiting the Moroccan baskets to receive our fruits or other foods would also be a shame. Our round woven baskets show rich creativity and ancestral know-how. Persian and Arabic oriental roots inspire the geometrical patterns and make the color combinations of our baskets uniquely bold and vibrant.

And now, let your walls do the talking with our selection of wall art.

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