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Brass Wall Decor

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You’ll love our small, chiseled copper decorative items. They are incredibly easy to place anywhere and add a whimsical touch to your walls.

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Handmade copper decorative items from Morocco

Peacock, heart, moon, star, or ex-voto: finely chiseled and cut little brass ornaments, with or without mirrors. Moroccan craftsmen are imaginative, creating little marvels to hang on the wall.

Golden brass wall decoration

Small but add a whimsical, offbeat touch to a wall or door, alone or mixed with other small brass items or any wall decorations you want.

Why I love them:

Easy to like them, they are so cute. They are also so easy to place, you can even hang them from a wire and let them float.

Dimensions: about 6″/8″ — 15/20 centimeters
D-rings attached

Our small gilded brass ornaments are handcrafted and may have certain imperfections that guarantee their authenticity and are part of their charm.



Peacock, Flying Heart S, Flying Heart M, Bird S, Bird M

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