Footstools & Benches

Handcrafted Moroccan Woven Benches and Stools: A Touch of Global Style

Moroccan footstools and benches are a popular design trend, offering versatility and a touch of global flair to your home. These handcrafted pieces seamlessly integrate into your existing décor, functioning as extra seating, footrests, entryway benches, or even stylish bedside tables.

Wooden Benches and Stools Built to Last

The base of these stools and benches is typically constructed from eucalyptus or laurel wood, known for its beautiful light color, almost white in appearance. This wood is left natural, showcasing the raw beauty of the material and the skilled craftsmanship behind each piece. Imperfections and tool marks add a touch of authenticity, making each piece one-of-a-kind.

Handcrafted Charm: The Woven Wonders You’ll Love

The seats themselves come in a variety of materials, including palm rope, called doum, fabric, leather, or even regular rope. Weaving techniques range from traditional to contemporary, showcasing the skills passed down through generations of Berber artisans. These artisans skillfully adapt age-old techniques to modern preferences, resulting in a unique blend of Eastern charm and contemporary Western design.

Delve deeper into the world of Moroccan stools and woven benches by checking out our blog post on the beldi stool, the traditional Berber masterpiece and its captivating variations.

Beyond Tradition: Unique Modern Woven Benches and Stools

While we offer timeless classics, Latitude 31n pushes the boundaries of traditional design. Our curated collection features unique and reimagined Berber stool and bench designs that draw inspiration from around the globe. Discover a rattan doum and green rope bench with weaving and a base inspired by Indian craftsmanship, or a small woven bench that reflects the vibrant design elements of sub-Saharan Africa.

Moroccan Handicrafts Create Pure Pieces of Art

Our skilled craftspeople are not only masters of weaving but also adept at woodworking. They handcraft beautiful small farm stools and other 3-legged stools entirely from white eucalyptus wood. Our footstools and benches wear the marks of the craftsman’s axe and chisel adding a touch of rustic charm.

Original Handmade Woven Stools and Benches

Step away from the mainstream and embrace the unique with our collection of Moroccan seating. Our curated collection of benches and footstools offers a unique blend of functionality, global style, and timeless beauty. They are functioning as extra seating, footrests, bed ends, or small tables.

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