Handcrafted Moroccan Stool with a Modern Twist


Get ready to add a touch of African-inspired charm to your space with our “beldi” Moroccan stool.

Moroccan Woven Stool

The beldi Moroccan stool is inspired by African Handicrafts. The design boasts a simple silhouette and clean lines that are sure to catch the eye. Forget about those square-shaped stools – this footstool rocks a long frame and legs that demand attention!

A Modern Twist on African Handicrafts

We’ve taken the classic Moroccan stool and given it a contemporary makeover. The result? An A-frame bench that effortlessly blends bohemian and ethnic elements for a truly inspired and one-of-a-kind decor. While staying true to the authentic Moroccan material and weaving techniques, this new bench model brings a breath of fresh air with its unique and ethnic form.

The stool is woven in palm rope; the frame is laurel wood, almost white. It is excellent for relaxing or could be used to keep books, trays, or decorative objects. And hey, if you want more ideas and information, check out our dedicated article about the fascinating world of Moroccan stools.

Why I love it :

Well, aside from the fact that it adds an instant dose of Moroccan charm to any space, it’s those legs that really steal the show. Having lived in Marrakech for quite some time, I’ve become enamored with Moroccan design, and this bench brings a breath of fresh air and a revitalized spirit to a centuries-old craft. It’s the perfect blend of tradition and innovation, and I can’t get enough of it!

Dimensions : 24″x14″xh16″ — 60x35xh40 cm and 30″x14″xh16″ — 80x35xh40 cm

The seat is a handmade product with some possible imperfections that guarantee its authenticity.

Weight4 kg
Dimensions60 × 35 × 40 cm

24"/60cm, 30"/80cm

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