Wicker donkey head wall with mane


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Unique and humorous faux donkey head trophy. This rattan mule fake trophy creates a big sensation. The animal is funny with its rope eyes, large erect ears, and its mane. It is precisely this mane that brings him humor and originality.

Fake trophies that were popular once yet live up to the ethical standards demanded today and find their place in almost every house room, especially in a farm-theme bedroom, a farmhouse, or a cottage. They don’t fit in the mountain’s traditional homes only, but also in new modern interiors in the city.

Handwoven by Moroccan craftsmen, it is made of an eco-friendly and resistant plant.

Why I love it:

So funky with its hirsute hair. Honestly, don’t you smile when you look at it?

Dimensions: about h20 inches, h50cm

Merely placed on an L-shaped hook, a nail, or a screw, the head seems to come out of the wall.

Handmade in Morocco in a resistant Mediterranean grass called alfa or esparto. They are all unique and can have a slightly different designs. There may be slight variations in shape, size, or color depending on the condition of the material. The color is sometimes green when the material is young and becomes beige yellow or tanned with time and sunshine. To accelerate the yellowing of the fiber, leave the suspension in the sun for a few days.


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