Woven Giraffe Head


Fancy and cute faux giraffe trophy with a long face and small realistic ears.

Handcrafted in Morocco, it adds natural vibes to your home.

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Handwoven in Morocco, this original natural animal head will make an unconventional wall decoration. And adds character and texture to your blank wall.

Delicate and elegant, this faux woven giraffe trophy makes a nose to real hunting trophies.

A joy for the little kids, but also the grown-ups. The faux taxidermy sculpture is made of natural material, called esparto or doum, a robust Mediterranean plant with a raw aspect. This organic palm fiber is very resistant and allows beautiful weaving.

The faux trophy is suitable in a jungle or safari-themed nursery. It will give a smile to your kid’s face.

Combine it with elephant, antelope, and gazelle, and you are transported to Africa among the wild animals.

Why I love it:

Elegant and delicate wall ornament. I particularly like the ears.


Dimensions: about 16x8x5 inches — 41x20x13 cm,

It may have certain irregularities that are the guarantee of its authenticity. This decorative sculpture is handcrafted and unique. Handmade in Morocco in a resistant Mediterranean grass called alfa or esparto. There may be slight variations in shape, size, or color depending on the condition of the material. The color is sometimes green when the material is young and becomes yellow or tanned with time and sunshine. To accelerate the yellowing of the fiber, leave the suspension in the sun for a few days.


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