Cute gazelle faux trophy taxidermy wall decor


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This fake gazelle head, handwoven in esparto, made of a natural Mediterranean plant, as rattan or wicker, will add originality and accent to your wall with an eco-friendly and humorous feel. Totally eco-friendly, the faux taxidermy is great for adding a touch of nature to your home while entertaining your children and guests.

Handcrafted in Morocco, it allows the creation of warm, unique, and original home decor.

Why I love it:

No animals were harmed in the making of this wall decoration 🙂

Dimensions : h21x9x5 inches ,h53x23x13 cm

Merely placed on an L-shaped hook, a nail, or a screw, the head seems to come out of the wall.

This decorative sculpture is handcrafted and unique. The design can be a bit different. Handmade in Morocco in a resistant Mediterranean grass called alfa or esparto. There may be slight variations in shape, size, or color, depending on the condition of the material. The color is sometimes green when the material is young and becomes more and more light beige, yellow, or tanned, with time and sunshine. To accelerate the yellowing of the fiber, leave the suspension in the sun for a few days.


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