Ethnic Buffalo Pottery


Infuse your home with character and showcase your appreciation for tribal art with our traditional female pottery sculptures that are an absolute must-have.

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North Moroccan Craftsmanship handmade by Berber Women

These exquisite pieces, hailing from the Rif region, showcase the skilled artistry and cultural heritage of the local artisans.

Each small animal sculpture is meticulously handcrafted using ancestral primitive techniques. The result? Genuine tribal art is truly captivating. Geometric or abstract patterns adorn these sculptures, blurring the lines between art and craft. No two pieces are alike, making each primitive African pottery a remarkable one-of-a-kind creation.

Unique Tribal Art: Handcrafted Terra Cotta Animal Sculptures

With warm and earthy tones, the decorations on these sculptures create a harmonious and tone-on-tone effect. It’s a visual feast that exudes a sense of rustic elegance.

One remarkable aspect of these pottery creations is that they are exclusively crafted by women. Traditionally, these talented artisans focus on creating functional objects for rural life, such as pots and vessels used for carrying water, and drinks, or preserving food. However, they also take delight in building animal potteries that bring joy to children.

Why I love it:

These small ethnic statues have a crazy charm and a retro look. They are conversation starters, unique pieces that showcase the rich cultural heritage of North Morocco and bring a touch of exoticism to your space.

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Dimensions : 8″x3″x4″ — 20x8xh11 cm

The bull sculpture is handmade and likely has some imperfections that guarantee authenticity. For example, one of the horse sculpture’s legs is slightly broken.

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