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Antique Tuareg Tent Pole (Primitive Art)


The Tuareg tent pegs are unique tribal items, witnesses of the heritage and traditions of the Saharawi people.

The carved wooden sculpture creates a relaxed feel, bringing ethnicity and a lived-in vibe to your home.

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Nomadic Wooden Tent Peg

This Saharan tribal tent peg comes from southern Morocco, Mali, or Mauritania. Once, it was used as a leg for a palanquin (camel saddle), and by the way, it carries a fascinating history. Nomads employ the palanquin for storage or table during their stops.

Immerse yourself in the world of tribal art with this carved tribal stick. Its intricate details and abstract geometric designs reflect the craftsmanship of the Sahrawi people. Each piece is unique, as each tribe has its own distinct patterns.

The beauty of tribal craftsmanship

This tribal ornament is a captivating statement piece, evoking distant lands.

Add a touch of authenticity and soul to your home. The engraved sculpture is not just a decorative object; it is a tangible link to the past, a testament to the rich heritage of tribal art. For art enthusiasts, this exceptional piece is a must-have. Own a slice of history and let the mesmerizing allure of tribal art captivate your space.

Why I love it:

I am fond of vintage, imperfections, and patina of age. Especially the naive or primitive creations that men and women have shaped for personal use and pleasure. These anonymous artists that we will never know but who remain eternal thanks to their works. The sculptures and motifs are gorgeous. And they are unique prestige items.

Dimensions : H30″ — 75cm

The tent pole from Sahara may have some imperfections or variations, guaranteeing its authenticity.

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