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Vintage Tuareg Tent Pole


Long and thin Tuareg tent poles. Unique and stunning ethnic and tribal artifacts. Vintage condition: carved wood and geometric patterns.

The old tent pegs are essential for Bedouins, the Berber Nomadic people in the Moroccan south. They served to maintain the Tuareg tent, separate the spaces in the accommodation, or hang clothes or utensils.

The Ethnic African artifacts are unique pieces. The helpful wooden poles became authentic pieces of art in our modern interiors.

The wood is carved with geometric designs, which differ from one tribe to another. These are long and thin, like engraved and sculpted sticks. They are stunning ornaments, a witness of the past and tribal art.

For travel-themed home decor! Used by the blue men of the Sahara desert, the wood stake will bring authenticity and a beautiful ethnic and vintage touch to your interior.

Why I love them:

I love these antique objects, the imperfections and patinas of the artifacts that reveal their past. The carvings and patterns are superb. They are unique and prestigious objects.

If you want to learn more about the tent poles, read our storytelling about the Sahraoui sticks.

It is mounted on a metal base for easier installation. Black felt pen underneath.

Dimensions: height : 39″/40 — 95/100cm / Base: 6″x6″ —16x16cm


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