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  • How to hang woven pendant lights?

    How to Hang Woven Pendant Lights

    Rattan Pendant Lights: Installation Guide Rattan pendant lights, with their natural charm and warm glow, are a popular choice for adding a touch of boho-chic style to any décor. These handcrafted beauties, made from sustainable materials like rattan, wicker, doum, palm leaves, or raffia, not only enhance the aesthetics of your space but also diffuse …

  • Colorful Moroccan woven baskets at the Marrakech spice market.

    The Colorful Berber Woven Baskets

    Dive into a Kaleidoscope of Colors and More! You know those little potbelly Berber baskets with their round, fun shapes and ultra-colorful patterns? Personally, I love them and as soon as I see them, I can’t help but rummage through the various stores in the souk to find the most beautiful, the most original, or …

  • Moroccan traditional woven stool. Berber crafts and arts.

    Beldi Berber Footstool

    The Traditional Berber Stool Do you know the typical Moroccan footstool? An institution in Morocco. The common name is the beldi stool. Morocco is proud of its various artistic handicrafts. And it can be. But those small low ottomans are rather part of everyday life and popular Moroccan artisanship. This does not reduce their value. …

  • Basket weaver assembling braided organic strips to form a carpet

    How to care for your “doum” article?

    DOUM Presentation, Advice, and How to Care What is Doum? Doum is a small palm tree in North Africa. The fiber it produces is also called doum in Morocco. Halfa, the Arabic word, is also correct. The plant looks like esparto, which the Spanish use to produce similar products. We can find this plant in …

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