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  • Colorful Moroccan woven baskets at the Marrakech spice market.

    The Colorful Berber Woven Baskets

    Dive into a Kaleidoscope of Colors and More! You know those little potbelly Berber baskets with their round, fun shapes and ultra-colorful patterns? Personally, I love them and as soon as I see them, I can’t help but rummage through the various stores in the souk to find the most beautiful, the most original, or …

  • Latitude 31n: customer experience, photo of a rattan pendant light

    Moroccan Decor Integrated into our Customers’ Interiors

    Personalize your Interior with Moroccan Home Decor Our customers have so many cool and original decorating ideas that I can’t resist sharing them with you. I regularly receive photos from customers showcasing their purchases in their homes. And I have to say, I love it! I’m sometimes amazed, completely blown away, and enchanted by your …

  • Moodboard Scarabeo Camp

    Moroccan Decor Tour: Scarabeo Camp, the Glamping

    After the Riad 42 and its minimalist Moroccan decor, here we go to the most select luxury camp in Marrakech. Once again, my goal with this paper is not to deliver a review about the stay and the services but to analyze their unique decor and details. Scarabeo Camp, a Belgian-Berber Design Style Scarabeo Camp …

  • Modern Moroccan Decor in Marrakesh composes a warm relaxing space.

    Boho Christmas Decor Ideas

    Consider you want to infuse Bohemian Christmas Style into your home. In that case, the important thing is to open your mind and call upon your creativity. The key word is Freedom. So what you have to do is break the codes. Get inspired by the traditional Christmas: tree, ornaments, and wreaths, but we adapt them to …

  • Moroccan Decor: Riad 42, the Minimalist

    Moroccan Decor Tour: Riad 42, the Minimalist

    First, I will briefly explain what I want to do with this article. I hope it will be the first of a long series of pieces about different riads in Marrakech. But not about the practical information. For that, you can consult Tripadvisor 🙂 I am interested in the design style and the aesthetic choices …

  • Moroccan traditional woven stool. Berber crafts and arts.

    Beldi Berber Footstool

    The Traditional Berber Stool Do you know the typical Moroccan footstool? An institution in Morocco. The common name is the beldi stool. Morocco is proud of its various artistic handicrafts. And it can be. But those small low ottomans are rather part of everyday life and popular Moroccan artisanship. This does not reduce their value. …

  • Boho Moroccan home decor: Rooftop in Marrakech

    Beldi Chic Interior Design style

    Beldi Chic A Local Interior Design Style Beldi Chic is a concept we used in Morocco to define a type of interior design that combines traditional local Handicrafts with a contemporary setting. However, you can not compare it to the traditional Moroccan or Arabic Interior styles characterized by vibrant colors, the abundance of ornaments and …

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