Vintage Moroccan Kilim


Embrace the beauty of a Moroccan kilim rug that embodies tradition and artistry, and let it transform your space into a timeless oasis.

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Moroccan Flatweave Rug in Gorgeous Brown and Chestnut Tones

This exquisite Moroccan kilim rug is meticulously handwoven using coarse goat wool, which adds a unique texture compared to traditional sheep’s thread. Its vintage charm is enhanced by subtle repairs, showcasing its rich history.

The warm brown, chestnut, beige, and chocolate stripes, adorned with traditional Berber motifs, create a stunning visual display. The occasional stray wool strands on the sides, like small fringes, contribute to its rustic charm.

A Moroccan Rug for a Lifetime

Our rugs are carefully selected for their quality and durability, crafted with patience by skilled artisans, often women. This particular rug bears time marks but has been lovingly restored to embark on a new journey.

Why I love it:

I simply adore the warm, inviting hues and softness this rug brings. In fact, I have a similar one in my own home, and I actively sought out this piece because it resembles mine, which has attracted numerous inquiries from admirers. Nevertheless, I hold onto my first kilim dearly 🙂

Dimensions: 4’6″ x 10’1″/53.5×120 inches —136×306 cm

Regular vacuuming is recommended for maintenance, and gentle cleaning with soap and water is suitable for a deeper cleanse.

Moroccan rugs and kilims are rarely perfectly straight, have fringe on only one side, and exhibit signs of use, time, and human craftsmanship, making them imperfect yet incredibly precious.

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