Make a Statement: Shop Our Exclusive Animal Head Wall Decor

Woven Moroccan furniture. Woven pendant lightings and animal heads.

Wall Trophies Reimagined: Hunt for Style, Not Animals!

Say goodbye to the outdated and embrace a touch of nature with our collection of Animal Head Wall Decor – a nod to the past with a modern, eco-conscious twist.

Tired of the same old wall decor? Our Animal Head Wall Trophies are your guilt-free, eco-chic solution. No animals were harmed in the making of these statement pieces. Go wild with style, not at the expense of nature.

The customized animal wall decor is a funny wall decor for children's bedrooms and nurseries
Rattan animal head with heart-shaped horns
The mounted animal head is woven in Moroccan rattan.
Wicker rattan stag head trophy with long antlers, majestic forest animal wall decor.
Faux taxidermy: wildlife-themed wall art

Animal Head Wall Decor: Transforming Spaces with Majestic Art

Wondering where to place your new ‘trophy’? Whether it’s the living room, bedroom, home office, or even the kitchen, let the wild and the farm guide you. Mix and match styles for an eclectic vibe or go all-in with a safari-inspired adventure or a rustic farmyard theme. It’s your space – make it a jungle or a cozy barn of your own.

These pieces celebrate the beauty of animals, creating a cool decor with imaginative designs crafted by our skilled artisans. They offer a fantastic way to bring animal vibes into your home design, giving it a touch of adventure and a dash of lively Moroccan art.

Find the ideal piece to make a statement that goes beyond the ordinary. Give your space a touch of whimsy, a commitment to sustainability, and a generous dose of individuality. 

Artistic Interpretations: Mounting Animal Heads by Our Clients

We’re delighted to showcase how our customers have incorporated animal trophies into their spaces. Explore more on our Clients page or read our article featuring their decor ideas. Get inspired by the artistic interpretations of our clients.

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