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Colorful Moroccan Baskets (Set of 3)


Infuse Joy and Playfulness into Your Shelves, Bathroom, Library, or Kitchen with our Vibrant Moroccan Baskets


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Berber baskets in lovely shades of blue

Whether as a centerpiece in your library, stylish storage in your bathroom, or to add a bohemian touch to your bedroom, these small woven baskets fit easily into any space. I’ve specially chosen them for their delicate details and harmonious colors to create a balanced decorative element.

Moroccan baskets with lids

Traditionally used for bread and foodstuffs, these are, in my eyes, veritable works of art featuring Moroccan symbols and geometric patterns. These unique pieces evoke the authenticity and beauty of ancestral craftsmanship. We offer a whole range of colorful baskets, each telling its own story, woven with care and passion.

Why I love them:

I love these little embroidered baskets so much. I choose them on a whim. I don’t sell many of them, but I can’t help but fall in love with them.

These multicolored baskets are handmade in Morocco by Berber women. Despite their care and attention in making them, the baskets may have certain imperfections that guarantee their authenticity.

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