Shaggy Red Orange Moroccan Rug


Moroccan rug with warm harmony of shades: a playful mix of red, orange, brown, and beige tones.

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The vintage Berber wool carpet is long-haired

The rug has been handcrafted with love by talented Berber women in the mountains. This thick everyday area rug features beautiful colors and warm harmony of shades, mainly red, orange, brown, and beige. Occasionally, some pop of other colors appear in the weaving, adding a playful touch.

Cozy orange Moroccan rug

It was, therefore, not made to be a fancy carpet but rather a favorite designed for personal use that will add harmonious vibe to any space.

Crafted from a mix of colored wools, this rug features unique particular reflections and shades that catch the eye and create a stunning visual effect.

Why I love it:

The warm and inviting autumnal colors

What’s more, this double-sided beauty (yes, it’s reversible!)you can see that in the last picture) allows you to switch up the look whenever you feel like it. It is very regular on the sides, soft to the touch and delightful to put your bare feet on. Plus, it features fringes on one side, just like all the coolest Berber carpets out there.

Handwoven about twenty years ago.

Regular cleaning: vacuuming
Deep cleaning: soapy water

Dimensions: 3’7″x6’9″ feet, 110×205 cm

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